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Hand Me Downs for a Hand Up!

Your support to CATS gets kids with disabilities off the sidelines and into action!

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Sadly, there are hundreds of children right here in Virginia who desperately need adaptive and rehabilitative equipment. Medicaid, schools, and private insurance may not cover the cost of physician and therapist prescribed equipment, or take way too long to decide if they will. It's absurd for a two year old to wait 6 months to a year for a gait trainer or walker. To deny a growing 12 year old a wheel chair which fits because of an arbitrary rule-- "one wheelchair every five years" --is simply crazy. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, insurance companies claim that some equipment is "experimental" and "not medically necessary." Tell that to a parent who just wants their child to have opportunities to participate fully in daily life!

Through refurbishing donated equipment which children have outgrown or no longer need, we can create communities in which all available assistive technology is in use by children who need it. Last year CATS gave away equipment worth over $500,000 in depreciated value. If purchased new, this would have been over 1.4 million in public health care dollars. The cost to operate our re-use programs is a tiny fraction of this value. So, your contribution to CATS makes a whole lot of "cents!"